Showcase the reflective and glow-in-the-dark qualities of the all new Victoria Sport Incredible collection.


Concept and shoot a unique social campaign using unconventional photography techniques to excite, inform, and drive sales.


The #GlowGetIt campaign launched across Victoria’s Secret & Victoria Sport with an average of 82,660(IN) likes increasing sales 2.7%.

Concept | Art Direction | Photography | Retouching | Video Editing | Marketing | Social Media

Strobe & Reflection

Capture multiple images of a moving subject on a single photographic frame (just add Photoshop!). I set the model in front of a lit background to capture the contrast of the black tights while creating a stronger sense of speed with light blur. The reflective stripes were lit using a combination of tightly positioned off-camera flash to control the direction of incidence, and an actual strobe light purchased for $10 at Guitar Center. Gotta love the 90s 😜.

Fluorescent & Phosphorescent

The fluorescent & phosphorescent garments were captured in a studio using a combination of concentrated light, off-camera flash, and black light. Again with the 90s? YES!