Victoria's Secret
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Socially Conscious
My first year at the show I noticed a big TV backstage switching between different cameras of an empty runway and thought “that’s a miss”. The following year I proposed a “social wall” instead to showcase the fun moments being shared backstage. I worked with Spreadfast to build a standalone app that would display content from approved users. It was a hit to say the least. At one point I switched back to a live feed of the runway and the girls flipped. I realized that there were groups glued to the social wall, posting and waiting to see it go live. The following year we made it even bigger and added geo-targeted Snapchat filters (also a hit).

Surprise Gigi!!!!
Depending on your age, access to internet, and/or proximity to a newsstand, you may have heard of Gigi Hadid. No? Well let’s just say she has a following. So what do you do when you have a celeb like Gigi coming in for tryouts? You arrange the first ever on-the-spot surprise filmed by yours truly. That’s exactly what we did. Shot, edited, and posted within the hour the video was liked over half a million times on Instagram alone setting a new all-time record for VS.

Shop The Runway
You’ve followed all the Angels, downloaded the musical guest’s playlists, and now you’re waiting for the TV broadcast. Time to shop! Enter the digital catalog and Facebook Canvas. With large media buys and tight deadlines, I pre built everything with placeholder content and created a very specific shot list including 360° to be captured at the show. The ads went out in phases based on product availability and lasted through the season.

Tune In
The show is almost ready for prime time. How will people know when and where to watch it? Social media to the rescue! We start early with cover images messaging tune in across all social platforms followed by updated imagery as assets come in after taping. This can go through several updates as the countdown closes in on the event (Tomorrow, Tonight, LIVE!).​​​​​​​