Concept | Direction | Photography | Retouching | Video Editing | Social Media Marketing
Showcase the reflective and glow-in-the-dark qualities of the all new Victoria Sport INCREDIBLE collection.
Strobe & Reflection
Capture multiple images of a moving subject on a single photographic frame (just add Photoshop!). I set the model in front of a lit background to capture the contrast of the black tights while creating a stronger sense of speed with light blur. The reflective stripes were lit using a combination of tightly positioned off-camera flash to control the direction of incidence, and an actual strobe light purchased for $10 at Guitar Center. Gotta love the 1990s 😜.

Fluorescent & Phosphorescent
The fluorescent & phosphorescent garments were captured in a studio using a combination of concentrated light, off-camera flash, and black light. Again with the 1990s? YES!

Finish Strong
The campaign launched with lifestyle landing pages on VSSport, supported by video content on social media. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and despite zero media buys, the glow-in-the-dark Incredible collection sold out in a matter of weeks! All of this on a shoestring budget.