Create a fall sweepstakes to inspire outfitting and drive traffic to shop the Victoria’s Secret fall collection.


Fall is not sexy. It’s coming down from a summer rosé bender and all of those lost hours in the sun. What is sexy? Behati Prinsloo and Pinterest boards of cute shit. Put them together and we have a sweeps.


We launched My Fall Edit, a Victoria’s Secret Pinterest challenge for followers to win $1,000 by creating a Pinterest board featuring fall-inspired pics. And you guessed it, Behats herself chose her 6 favs including the grand prize winner of a sweet 1k and VS featured board 🙌.

Concept | Art Direction | Retouching | Marketing | Social Media | Web Design | Typography


The entire contest lasted four weeks with three weeks of entries and one week of voting. In all, over 11,000 boards were entered and 48,000 unique votes were counted. Mobile voting outweighed desktop by 35%.

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