Design and develop an interactive application where users apply Swarovski™ elements to bottles of Moët & Chandon and then can purchase their personalized creation with ease from a vender on site.


We designed a 3 step process for personalization and a single click to buy option on popular predesigned bottles. Our partners at Swarovski™ arranged an alphabet of crystals which were photographed based on our design and lighting. The final magic was rotating, skewing and placing the personalized message onto the bottle while maintaining a realistic representation.


MyMoët was launched for the holiday season, gaining traction through Christmas with a spike in sales around New Years. Following the success of holiday, the experience was slightly revised and relaunched for Valentines Day.

Concept | Web Design | Logo Design | Typography | HTML | CSS | ActionScript

À Votre Santé

MyMoët was a simple step by step interactive microsite designed in Photoshop and developed in Flash. Upon arrival, the user was treated to a bubbly interface of light and shadow. The first step in creating a custom bottle was to select your bottle size. Next, users could select between a number of qualities followed by a robust messaging interface designed using a combination of vector art and photography. The final step was a realistic (code heavy) 3D rendering of yourMoët with link to purchase.

A Toast

When the corks are popping and friends are high with delight. When the room is as full as the moon, and your glass as the night. Have another sip my love. Everyone, bottoms up! “Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald

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