Drive awareness for VS product before it hits stores, i.e. “first look”. Tease the catalog drop and promote forthcoming Holiday/Black Friday and Fashion Show.


Create a digital package that combines content and commerce into a catalogue-like user experience. Tease and launch via social media before the actual catalogue ships.


The Lingerie Book “wrap”. A digital catalogue experience linking followers to a sneak peak and customers to a shopping funnel.

Concept | Art Direction | Retouching | Marketing | Social Media | Web Design | Typography

First Look

Don’t be shy, it’s all SFW. The Lingerie Book showcased all new product with Angels in mind. Each adventure bared a unique emotional reflex portraying characteristics of each Angel and product paring. Elsa, the Romantic. Sara, über Provocative. Candice, eau so playful, and Josephine, wild at heart.

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