Feature “all things swim” in an easily digestible digital campaign. Get her interacting, sharing, and shopping. Introduce VS as the authority in swimwear.


Combine an entire season of music, art, fashion, beauty, sun, and fun into a simple experience. Inform, excite, and empower her visually and emotionally with social coverage of “all things swim”. Construct an escape that elevates the fans, Angels, and brand.


Taking a page from the Fashion Show, we created a digital Swim experience(hub) that instantly immerses the user in the campaign. The interactivity, integrity and simplicity of the hub pushed sales another 4.2% for the quarter 🙌.

Concept | Art Direction | Retouching | Marketing | Social Media | Web Design | Typography

Swim Hub

The #VSSwim hub showcased a collection of “all things swim” with dedicated pages for Angels & Artists, Swim TV, and #VSTeenyBikini(a user generated feed of VS bikinis). The Highlight though was the Buzz page which pulled social content into a masonry layout along with interactive polls, a Spotify playlist, and an inline twitter module. The content was updated periodically based on platform, performance, and recentness.

Swim Special

The VS Swim Special started as a spinoff of the VS Fashion Show, recorded directly after as a celebration. Who wouldn’t want to follow the Angels to paradise?

Facebook: 40.5M impressions (+53% to VSFS), 22.9M in reach (+43% to VSFS)
Instagram: 1.9B impressions (1.7B from the brand)
Twitter: 2.3B in reach, 47K mentions

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